Portland Roach Rectangle Lamp with Contrast Inset & Pebble Lampshade


A rectangle lamp in Portland Roach, with contrasting slate inset and black douppion silk lampshade, complementary antique brass fittings, braided cable, and an embedded makers mark of authentication.

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  • Description

    Ian places a high emphasis on the stone used in each piece by using deceptively simple design, allowing the featured material to become the main focus. This demonstrates the striking contrast of the stone choice, and highlights the drama that can be achieved with natural stone. An incredibly tactile material, stone should be equally pleasing to the eye as it is to the touch.

    British stone is specially selected by the block, then each part of the lamp is hand-worked separately before being bonded together, a process which creates attractive, prominent shadows on the lamp’s surface. Our stonemasons in Staffordshire painstakingly hand finish each lamp, ensuring fine quality craftsmanship, before the stone is hand-honed and sealed to impart a surprisingly warm feel.

    Each lamp is finished with a braided cable, complementary antique brass fittings, and our mason’s mark of authentication – a solid bronze coin, set into the back of the base to guarantee authenticity.

    Due to the natural silk and stone and the bespoke, handmade nature of each piece, subtle variations guarantee that each lamp is unique.

  • Technical Info

    Technical Drawing Rectangle Inset Lamp Shape

  • Finest Material

    British Stone – Portland Roach

    An open textured limestone, Portland Roach is distinctive and immediately recognisable.

    Roach is known for its unique character which offers plenty of interest. Scattered throughout, there are holes which contain large grey shell fragments including large clams and turreted gastropods known as Portland Screws.

    This Portland Roach has a creamy/white base colour, but the overall colour can appear darker due to the large concentrations of grey shells.

    Silk Lampshade

    Incredibly luxurious all-natural silk is painstakingly woven, rolled, and neatly tucked to create a delicately unique finish for each lampshade. Character is added to each piece through natural slubbing of the silk.

    We have a keen eye for detail, and go to great lengths to match the subtle variations in the silk and the stone, giving the completed lamp a subtle character of its own.

    Other Features

    A solid bronze coin forms our mason’s mark of authentication, and each lamp has one set into the back of the base. Close attention is paid to ensure the fittings complement the overall look of the piece, so braided cable and antique bronze fittings are used to complete the lamp.

  • Trade

    We are able to offer a lower price to clients wishing to purchase five or more lamps, in any combination of designs and stone. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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