Ancaster Weatherbed Small Curved Lamp with Herb Lampshade

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Ancaster Weatherbed small curved lamp with herb-coloured douppion silk lampshade, braided cable, complementary antique brass fittings and an embedded mason’s mark of authentication.



The elegant curves of this design create a graceful silhouette while still embodying a luxurious solidity. Highlight and enhancing the beauty of these materials is always Ian’s priority when designing anything in stone. The tactile nature of stone as material allows it to be equally pleasing to the touch and to the eye.

When block of British stone is specially selected so that we only work with the highest quality crafting materials. These stones are then hand-carved into their deceptively simple shapes by our stonemasons in Staffordshire, ensuring that they also enjoy the absolute finest quality of craftsmanship. The finished stone product is then hand-honed and sealed to give it a warm, smooth feel.

We have paid close attention to detail, finishing the lamp with a braided cable, complementary antique brass fittings and our mason’s mark of authentication, a solid bronze coin, set into the back of the base.

Subtle variations in the stone and the fabric of the handmade, bespoke, silk shades guarantee that every lamp is unique.