Elegance in Stone – A Showcase [Video]

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We recently put together a short film to showcase a few of our favourite Ian Knapper stone staircases. If you would like to see more examples of our work you can view our gallery, or alternatively you can talk to Ian directly for more information.

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Elegance in Stone

Certain building materials simply exude elegance; and none more so than natural stone. The intrinsic grain and subtle colour variations create a unique and refined character. No two stone staircases are the same.

There is also something wonderful in the simplicity of taking blocks of stone from the ground and shaping them into a breathtaking focal point; taking something natural and marrying it with a new space; taking something which has formed over millennia and using it to create a timeless design.

Solid stone staircases can be created with gravity-defying effects, with grandeur and grace, with boldness and beauty. Don’t hesitate to speak to us to find out more about the endless possibilities of using natural solid stone for your staircase.