Natural Stone Lighting Range – An Introduction from Ian Knapper

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“Lighting” and “natural stone” are perhaps words that are not considered natural bedfellows. However, this is often the case with our creations. Take the words “solid stone” & “staircase” for example – these have been shown to work, and so here we are exposing our new range of natural stone lighting

I’m not exactly sure where the original inspiration came from, but as I consider stone to be the  most versatile and beautiful material, I’m constantly asking myself: “What ‘things’ can we make next in this fantastic material?”.

Designing Stone & Light

So some time ago the design work for the lamp bases was underway.  I knew the light obviously has its job to do—provide background light and ambience to an interior space—but after mulling it over, I realised that the light also provides perfect illumination for the stone base itself, a sort of spotlight for this key element.

With this in mind the stone had to be the star of the show, so the challenge was to create a design that does the material justice. With such love for the natural stone I was working with, I just couldn’t imagine an intricate design that shouted louder than the stone…. so the goal was to create beautiful simple lamp bases that make best use of the light to show off the stone.

British Design, British Stone

There are a huge number of beautiful stones available from all over the world and we use many of them, but I sometimes think that British stone does not always get the exposure it deserves. So British stone it is for the bases… and let’s use this as the benchmark for the whole of the light construction; British components of the best quality.

After the usual amount of sketching, refining, prototyping and component sourcing, the range was ready for technical evaluation – a whole new world to a designer stone mason. Well we got there in the end, and learnt a whole lot on the way. So we now have it for you, a collection of lighting featuring British stone, design and craftsmanship that we hope will provide you with an inspired choice for your lighting needs.

The Natural Stone Lighting Range

Below you can see a selection of lamps from the new range, due to launch in the early part of April. Send us a note through our contact form if you would like to receive an email when the range becomes available through our website.

Natural Stone Lighting Range


Stone Lighting in a Range of Designs


British Design, British Craftsmanship