Ancaster Weatherbed Rectangle Lamp with Contrast Inset & Herb Lampshade

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A striking, rectangular lamp in Ancaster Weatherbed stone with contrasting insert, and a silk douppion lampshade in herb. Featuring antique brass fittings, a braided cable, and our mason’s mark of authenticity – a bronze coin that you can find embedded in the base of each piece.



The intentionally simple design that Ian has created for these lamps places an emphasis on the quality of the stone used, allowing it to become the main focus. This attractive design allows dramatic shadows to form on the surface of the lamp, which shows the colours, textures and tones of the Ancaster Weatherbed – highlighting the striking look of the natural stone, and producing a lamp with a wonderful tactile quality.

Ian Knapper uses blocks of British stone, each of which is carefully selected for the impeccable quality of its colours and textures. Each block is then hand-worked to produce the different parts of the lamp separately; the blocks are then bonded together, and the lamp is lovingly hand finished by our stonemasons in Staffordshire before being hand-honed and sealed for a smooth, warm finish.

Each piece features subtle differences in the patterns and textures of the stone and the weave of the silk lampshade which is further accented by the bespoke, handmade nature of the lamps and shades.