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Taking Steps at Decorex with a New Stone Staircase

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Last month we took a trip to London to visit Decorex International, a unique interior design exhibition held at the magnificent Syon House. With us we took a freshly crafted stone staircase to showcase on the exhibition floor. For the unfamiliar, Decorex is a yearly gathering of leading members of the interior design industry. The event showcases over 400 exhibitions from international businesses who come together to present their own installations that can showcase their newest designs and ideas. Our exhibition showcased our talent for staircases and fireplaces alike, especially with the unique piece that we conjured as the cornerstone of our exhibit, visible in the picture above.

The focus of our Decorex display was a beautiful staircase that Ian crafted from Ancaster Weatherbed. This medium-hard English limestone was quarried in Lincolnshire and has been sculpted to combine a classic style with a contemporary edge – the attention falling on the exaggerated lines in the stone itself. We were especially happy with how detailing turned out. Over the course of our time at Decorex we had lots of people ask us if the staircase was made of wood, simply because the grain work of the layers was so fine.

To help spread the appreciation of this fine staircase, we’ve put together a gallery of the entire construction process. Click below and you can see every stage of the construction process, right from the initial pieces of limestone that the carved stair slabs, all the way to the polished and mounted installation that we transported to Decorex.

Decorex has been a resounding success for us here at Ian Knapper. We’ve had the chance to make new friends and have been able to gain lots of enquires thanks to the hard work of everyone involved. We’re definitely looking forward to Decorex 2015 and hope to be able to wow our visitors with an even more astounding centre piece.

If you haven’t quite had your fix of stone staircases, you can browse our stone staircase gallery and see all the other creations that we’ve made over the years. If you’d like to get a stone staircase or fireplace of your own, we’d love to hear from you – contact us today!