How To Care For Your Stone Staircase

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Going through the process of designing, planning and installing your stone staircase is a labour of love that amplifies the atmosphere of your property in a truly timeless fashion. With so much invested, both financially and emotionally, it is natural to want to protect your investment to the best of your ability. To this end, we take our own steps to ensure that your staircase is adequately protected from the moment the installation is completed.

Protecting Your Staircase

Before you ever set-foot on your staircase, we apply a chemical sealant that acts as an initial first-layer of protection. This special impregnator-sealer is applied in two coats to ensure lasting protection and durability. It works by permeating the stone and acting as a protective barrier that repels stains while improving the overall patina that develops as the stone is used.

To further protect your staircase, we include a comprehensive aftercare pack with all of our completed installations. The goal of our aftercare pack is to ensure that you have everything you need to care for your staircase

Cleaning Your Stone Staircase

Your aftercare pack includes two cleaning products that work in tandem with our initial treatment. These are:

  • Day-to-Day Cleaner:
    We include a Day-to-Day Cleaner to take the place of your standard cleaning product. This cleaner is for small, everyday cleaning tasks and can be applied during your regular household cleaning routine. It is specially formulated to support and enhance the protective life of the impregnator.
  • Power Cleaner:
    We also include a stronger Power Cleaner that can be use on exceptionally dirty areas..

Some Final Staircase Care Tips

In addition to the practical application of our cleaning products in your aftercare kit, we encourage you keep the following advice in mind:

  • Natural stone surfaces build up a lustrous patina over time. This accentuates the appearance as the years pass. The cleaners will aid in this.
  • Use the correct cleaner regularly to avoid deteriorating the stone or its protective sealer.
  • Wipe up any and all spills as quickly as you can. Apply appropriate cleaner to any more significant spills.

Common Questions about our Cleaning Products

Will they alter the colour of my staircase?
No. The only change in appearance will be in the improved development of the staircase’s own natural lustre.

Do I have to get a specific product for a specific type of stone?
No. Our solutions can be used on any of the stone types that we work with. If you are unsure on this matter, feel free to contact us.

Should you ever run out of cleaning products, we can resupply you with the correct solutions to continue protecting your staircase.

For direct enquiries on how to better protect your staircase, call us on 01538 722733 or e-mail [email protected].