Bespoke Lighting, Fireplaces & Staircases

Our range of bespoke lighting, fireplaces and staircases are in Ian’s signature style and we have chosen to select and feature British stones and the very finest fittings to complement the elegant design of each piece.

However, as we are crafting each bespoke piece to order there is also the opportunity for clients to request alternative stones, fittings and different shade and cable colours. You can even send us your own fabric for the shades if you prefer for your bespoke lamps. There is a limitless array of style, shape and colour combinations which allow clients to hone the character of their interiors with timeless pieces.

Taking bespoke design opportunities to the next level makes it possible for us to design and make a completely unique set of interior architectural pieces in stone. For a truly striking and opulent look, Ian Knapper will design and make your stone lighting, staircases and fireplaces which lend your interiors a polished and highly cohesive look.

Providing a fully bespoke service to our clients gives them the option to be involved in the design process, with high levels of creative input. We would be delighted to discuss your requirements in greater detail, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For inspiration and ideas to help give you an idea of what it is possible to create in gorgeous genuine stone, have a look through our portfolio.

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