Curved Staircases in Stone

Stone has always been regarded as one of the strongest and most beautiful building materials and is perfect for creating staircases.  Although stone staircases may be considered heavy, through carefully crafted design they can convey majesty, elegance and gravity-defying beauty.

Working with the natural characteristics of solid stone—not against them—Ian Knapper creates stone staircase designs which are truly bespoke, timeless and enhance their surroundings; effects rarely matched by any other material. Ian Knapper has been working with stone for more than 25 years to be able to use his skills to craft stunning curved staircases.

We have experience building and renovating stone staircases in heritage sites, private houses and public spaces and are comfortable with any size of job; big or small, simple or complex. We are equally as comfortable creating modern, contemporary staircases from natural stone. We’re also able to produce stone curved staircases in a number of different styles to create that extra sense of elegance.

Curved Staircase Designer

Ian Knapper’s stone staircase designs are inspired by combining century old construction techniques and modern engineering, carefully balanced to create designs for both period and modern stairs. This passion, commitment and appreciation of traditional and modern masonry has seen Ian Knapper pioneer designs that would historically have not been possible in stone. This has included spiral, cantilever and curved staircase designs.

Working with you pragmatically at every stage from planning, design, 3D modelling, stone choice and production, installation and customer care we ensure that all elements are considered.

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If you have any questions about the possibilities with natural stone staircases or are unsure about your requirements, please feel free to get in touch via our contact form for a fast response. Our friendly team of stone staircase experts are waiting to hear from you; so feel free to call for a no obligation chat.

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